Member Welfare

Member Welfare

Camden Golf Club’s Vice President Neville Smith is our Member Welfare Officer.

In order to help keep us (and our members) up to date on Member Welfare please contact Neville Smith to advise of any issues relating to the health and wellbeing of any of our members (and their families).

Neville can be contacted by email at

Thanks for your assistance.

Charles (Charlie) Burton  

Charles passed away on Tuesday 10th October and was put to rest on Monday 16th October 2017.

Charlie Burton joined our club in 1998, 19th March, to play with his son – Kevin.

Charlie was a member for 15 1/2 years.  He played until he was 89.  A remarkable achievement!

Charlie passed at 94 so he enjoyed his golf until almost the end.

He was a well known and respected member. Despite his age I never had one problem with Charlie when I timed the field for slow play from 2005 on. That is a credit to someone who was in his eighties.

Charlie loved the sand greens after coring. Kevin tells me he sank the ball from everywhere on those sand greens.  He played his best after renovations.

Charlie said he practised putting with a stump in the back yard.  So he knew to belt the ball at the hole

He will be sadly missed by his family, friends and our members. However, for all of us who knew him he leaves us many happy memories.

Neville Smith (Vice President)

Welfare Officer