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Hole 1


Setting us out on our way is a dog leg left hole.  The drive needs to be straight or with slight draw (for the right handers) to negotiate past the gums before the fairway widens out.

Aim for the 100m marker or distant church steeple (St. Johns in Camden) and pray you don’t err left as out of bounds and trees are waiting for a hooked drive.  Around the green there should be no problem, unless you miss to the right where a gentle slope will see your ball run back to your feet.

Hole 1 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 355m
Blue - 336m
White - 307m
M Index 10/31
Women - Par 4
Black - 313m
Blue - 295m
W Index 10/32

Hole 2

Hole 2

A risk/reward hole.

Lay up – or take it on.

This has two fairway bunkers strategically placed at the dogleg.

A big drive must be accurate to avoid trouble on the left side of this hole.

Hole 2 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 288m
Blue - 282m
White - 264m
M Index 12/28
Women - Par 4
Black - 290m
Blue - 270m
W Index 7/20/37

Hole 3

Hole 3

This green is larger in size and surrounded by bunkers waiting to capture any stray shot.  Too much club and you are in the back bunker. Pull the ball slightly left and you are out of bounds. Hit to the right and the ball runs that way into trouble.

Another risk/reward hole. Take it on or lay up and chip on.

Putting on this green is challenging.

Hole 3 Tour

Men - Par 3
Black - 156m
Blue - 152m
White - 147m
M Index 9/32
Women - Par 3
Black - 150m
Blue - 142m
W Index 7/33

Hole 4

Hole 4

Your drive needs to be long and accurate to pass through the two bunkers guarding the fairway edges.  The right-hand side is protected by a heavily-wooded area which follows the fairway to the 100-metre mark.  Be aware that if your ball crosses the access road on the right of the fairway you are out of bounds.  A dam which lines most of the left side of this hole will capture a hooked shot and the inclusion of another set of fairway bunkers awaits your second shot.

Your course management skills will be tested before approaching the green that is protected by bunkers front and right and a pond to the left.

Finish up too far from the pin and its three-putt territory.

Hole 4 Tour

Men - Par 5
Black - 520m
Blue - 509m
White - 488m
M Index 7/22
Women - Par 5
Black - 493m
Blue - 454m
W Index 3/19/40

Hole 5

Hole 5

The hole bends slightly left and you are presented with water in front of the tee.

In your enthusiasm to get over it, don’t be too pumped up to drive the ball too hard, as another dam awaits you in the distance.

Watch the poplars on the left and the road beyond.

Your second will be a longer iron to an elevated green with sand left. Out of bounds comes in close on this side too so play for safety right of the flag, noting the target is quite small.

Shortish in length but a Par is an excellent result.

Hole 5 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 362m
Blue - 343m
White - 282m
M Index 3/20
Women - Par 4
Black - 316m
Blue - 279m

Hole 6

Hole 6

If the wind isn’t blowing this shorter hole shouldn’t present too many problems.

The side to miss the green is to the left.

There is a bunker on the right and should you miss this green the up and down is a real challenge.

Hole 6 Tour

Men - Par 3
Black - 153m
Blue - 139m
White - 131m
M Index 17/36
Women - Par 4
Black - 135m
Blue - 119m
W Index 14/35

Hole 7

Hole 7

One of the hardest holes on the course.

As you spy the green in the distance the big gum on the right is your target, allowing the fairway to bring your ball back to the centre.  Gum trees and fescue on the left mean you must aim at the right-hand side of the fairway.

When playing to the green play long or right for a possible recovery.  This takes the left bunker, out of bounds and deep rough out of play.

Hole 7 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 388m
Blue - 363m
White - 360m
M Index 5/24
Women - Par 5
Black - 370m
Blue - 342m
W Index 16/31

Hole 8

Hole 8

This is one of the newly designed holes.

From the tee hit over the ditch to the right of centre towards the mounds on this side. Watch the large trees left of the fairway that run to the green and the gardens that if found require you to play your next shot without relief.

Layup to 100 metres out to get the most ideal approach to a wide, narrow in depth and undulating green.

Beware the dam front and left of the green and the hazard extending across the front of the green. Overclub here and the back pot will be the next challenge.

Tough hole.

Hole 8 Tour

Men - Par 5
Black - 462m
Blue - 449m
White - 426m
M Index 14/25
Women - Par 5
Black - 399m
Blue - 387m
W Index 9/24/41

Hole 9

Hole 9

Another of the newly designed holes, and what a tough new addition.

Rated number 1 on the indexes, a long uphill tee shot to a large undulating green protected by three deep bunkers.

Watch out for the out of bounds right and the trees left.

Par here will be a tremendous result.

Hole 9 Tour

Men - Par 3
Black - 202m
Blue - 253m
White - 235m
M Index 16/34
Women - Par 3
Black - 241m
Blue - 230m
W Index 12/29

Hole 10

Hole 10

This slight dog-leg right requires a set-up left of centre.

Bark areas left of the fairway and significant trouble on the right make for a difficult tee shot.  Overhanging trees on the left-hand side mean your approach to the green is a difficult shot.

Once on the green, a sloping back to front and right to left make for a tough putt.

Hole 10 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 351m
Blue - 339m
White - 325m
M Index 8/28
Women - Par 4
Black - 330m
Blue - 313m
W Index 12/29

Hole 11

Hole 11

Even though this presents itself as a straightforward hole, water runs along the right and trees run along the left guarding two large native grass mounds in your driving zone.

There is no relief from these mounds as your second shot to the green needs to be accurate with two traps right and one back left.

The ditch comes into play here also. Watch your placement on this sloping green as position is key for a chance to one-putt.

One of the more demanding putting surfaces on the course.

Hole 11 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 351m
Blue - 345m
White - 345m
M Index 6/26
Women - Par 4
Black - 348m
Blue - 343m
W Index 5/22/42

Hole 12

Hole 12

Another of the recent changes to the course.

Now a Par 4, this hole is a risk reward hole. Load up with the driver and the hole could be a simple birdie. Make a mistake and you could be in the ditch, the water or a difficult greenside bunker. Play it safe and a Par 4 is an expected result.

The green is very undulating and has many difficult pin placements.

Hole 12 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 280m
Blue - 209m
White - 185m
M Index 1/30
Women - Par 4
Black - 261m
Blue - 216m
W Index 17/34

Hole 13

Hole 13

This hole is one of the features of the course.

It is beautifully designed, requiring a good tee shot to clear the dam and offering a risk/reward for the big hitter.

At the crest of the fairway sits a new garden ready to capture the longer hitters.

Your approach shot is to a much larger green guarded by three deep bunkers.  You must hit this green or face a chip shot to an elevated position.

Hole 13 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 341m
Blue - 337m
White - 293m
M Index 2/19
Women - Par 4
Black - 292m
Blue - 290m
W Index 4/23/39

Hole 14

Hole 14

One of the harder holes with moundings on the edge of the dam narrowing the fairway considerably.

Left is water, right are trees so aim to be long and central for any chance of being on the green for two.

The two-tiered green is wide but not very deep and there are sand traps to the left and front right.

Over hit your approach shot and you have a major problem as you don’t want to be chipping back to this green that slopes sharply to the front.

Hole 14 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 371m
Blue - 361m
White - 335m
M Index 4/21
Women - Par 5
Black - 359m
Blue - 331m
W Index 15/28

Hole 15

Hole 15

A long hole with trees ready to play pinball with your shot on the right or left.

Watch the bunker to the left of the green that catches many a ball hit this way.

The safer side to miss is definitely right.

It is easy to three-putt this green.

Hole 15 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 380m
Blue - 369m
White - 331m
M Index 11/29
Women - Par 4
Black - 330m
Blue - 323m
W Index 8/26/45

Hole 16


The prevailing wind is nearly always into your face for the tee shot.

A dam that lies short and to the right of the green needs to be carried.

Anything short is likely to finish there, so take an extra club.

Hole 16 Tour

Men - Par 3
Black - 159m
Blue - 153m
White - 142m
M Index 15/33
Women - Par 3
Black - 99m
Blue - 99m
W Index 18/36

Hole 17

Hole 17

The second-last hole is the second longest on the course.

Hitting uphill from the tee, keep the ball right of centre to avoid cleverly-placed traps.

Your second shot may require a hit over the bunkers and, if you wimp out to the left, another bunker awaits.

The final shot into this Par 5 is to a relatively small green that demands accuracy from your approach as a bunker is lying in wait to capture any loose shot.

Hole 17 Tour

Men - Par 5
Black - 494m
Blue - 484m
White - 404m
M Index 13/23
Women - Par 5
Black - 408m
Blue - 399m
W Index 11/27/43

Hole 18

Hole 18

If you can launch one over the trees on the left-hand side you could make this green in one, but on this hole many a golfer has lost the “title” going for the big drive.

Out of bounds lurks left and long, whilst the last 70 metres (Heartbreak Hill) of this lovely finishing hole is uphill!

If your second shot is short it will frustratingly roll back to your feet!

A greenside trap on the right catches many who go through the fairway with their drive.

Hole 18 Tour

Men - Par 4
Black - 249m
Blue - 245m
White - 236m
M Index 18/35
Women - Par 4
Black - 240m
Blue - 242m
W Index 13/30